The variable geometry motorhome base with the best quality.

The New Ducato has a solution tailor-made for every motorhome layout.

New-generation safety on every trip, in all conditions.

Arriving safely is the priority of Fiat Ducato. In addition to new braking systems, the Fiat Ducato also incorporates the most sophisticated technology for guaranteed control, even in the most extreme conditions.


The system intervenes in emergency situations, for example in sudden swerving manoeuvres to avoid an unexpected obstacle. It monitors parameters such as lateral acceleration, speed, grip and angle of the steering wheel. It processes the data and, if necessary, intervenes on the drive torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the motorhome. ESC is also available* on AL-KO versions. 


New additional assistance for the ESC in situations where the risk of rollover is greater, which reduces rollover, in other words the side inclination of the motorhome with respect to the road surface, even on bends. 


Brakes the vehicle when starting uphill, inhibiting rearward motion without using the handbrake. The brake is released automatically (built into the ESC). 


Cruise Control allows you to set the cruising speed and keep it constant. The Speed Limiter incorporated into the cruise control on the 150 MultiJet versions allows you to set the maximum speed that the vehicle can reach, increasing safety. When the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, the driver can exceed the limit set for specific overtaking manoeuvres. 


Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that improves the motorhome traction on the most challenging surfaces. In the presence of ESC and under conditions of low or zero grip from any drive wheel, the control unit detects slip and brakes it, transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with greater grip on the ground. In this way, the motorhome’s performance is more comfortable, ensuring the best stability and handling. 


On the steepest downhill slopes, Traction+ helps maintain the desired speed without having to brake continuously. So you can focus on steering, without distractions. It is activated via a dedicated button on the dashboard. 

AL-KO AMC Chassis

Upgrade to the perfect base for your new motorhome.

The premium AL-KO AMC Chassis is available as an option for motorhomes with Fiat Ducato cabs.

With a combination of clever engineering and premium quality components, the AL-KO AMC Chassis offers the ultimate in comfort and superb driving dynamics, to ensure your holiday begins the moment you set off. The innovative lightweight construction reduces weight without affecting stability.
This means the payload of the motorhome can be increased without compromising on safety. A low centre of gravity ensures improved stability, whilst the wide track chassis results in better road holding. The interdependent rear torsion bar suspension is included as standard and greatly improves drive performance, transforming bumps into gentle vibrations.
Various additional high tech component available* options to suit the AMC chassis can further enhance the comfort, safety and value of your motorhome.
As a global leader in chassis technology, AL-KO works closely with Fiat all around the world to continually develop the AMC chassis to ensure optimum ride comfort.

A first-class trip.

Comfort, attention to detail and a superior ride: any holiday with Fiat Ducato is top-class.


Maximum comfort thanks to adjustable seats and driving wheel, with a car-like driver’s seat position. 


Maximum front and side visibility owing to a large glazed surface. 


The New Ducato has an excellent turning circle (kerb-to-kerb) to facilitate all manoeuvres. 


The compactness of the front and cab makes for an extremely reduced front overhang, which makes the vehicle easier to manoeuvre. 


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