Protect your battery

• Avoid unnecessarily turning on items that consume electricity when the engine isn't working.
• Make sure the surface of the battery is always clean and dry. With regular use, and if you follow the maintenance guidelines, your battery could last up to four or five years.
• An annual check on the battery and the charging system by your Fiat expert will help to avoid any malfunctions. At the beginning of winter especially, have your Fiat specialist check the battery with a tester. You can also choose to replace the battery as a preventive measure and avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown.



The battery experiences natural degradation as it gets older, and depending on its level of usage. In addition, a high discharge rate, faults in the electrical circuit or extreme temperatures can also cause premature deterioration.


Using things that consume electricity while the engine is off (headlights, radio, air conditioning, etc.) will lead to deep discharge.


An alternator that doesn't produce enough energy won't charge the battery properly. Conversely, an alternator that produces too much energy will over-charge the battery and wear it out prematurely. Lastly, bad connections can lead to leakage current, which will accelerate the discharge of the battery.



Extreme temperatures will damage the battery's fuel cells, reducing the conductivity of the electrolyte (mixture of water and acid). The battery is then impaired and will deteriorate.