Why check on oil & oil filter?


• Reduces friction,
• Limits wear on moving parts in your engine (rods, pistons, etc.),
• Allows proper engine cooling,
• Keeps the engine clean,
• Helps to keep a watertight seal between the cylinder bore and the piston,
• Protects against corrosion,
• Ensures engine start-up in all temperatures.

New generation synthetic oils also allow you to:
• Reduce your CO2 emissions by reducing your fuel consumption.
• Optimise the operation of your engine's filtration systems like the catalytic converter and the particulate filter.

Oil filter:
• Keeps the oil as clean as possible,
• Traps all dust, combustion residue and abrasive particles generated by the normal wear of engine parts,
• Helps to keep the oil cool.

Regarding engine oil

• Before checking the oil, make sure you have parked your car on a level surface
• Turn off the engine, wait 5 minutes and, minding the heat, check the oil inside the engine.
• Do not add oil with features that are different from those already in the engine
• See a Fiat Retailer for replacement and the correct disposal methods

Functional oils and fluids

Choosing Petronas lubricants which are produced exclusively Fiat guarantees your car optimum performance, low consumption, safety and respect for the environment. With more than 30 brands in more than 20 countries, Petronas is leader in producing, distributing and sales of functional fluids and antifreeze that are top of the range for the automotive sector. Original Petronas products are recommended in the user and maintenance handbooks for your Fiat.